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Safer Pools for Austin, Round Rock & Cedar Park Families

A swimming pool can bring hours of enjoyment, create family memories, and add value to your home, so why not make your swimming pool a safer place for backyard fun?

Oasis Pools is the only Central Texas & Austin custom pool builder who specializes in and builds the Drainless Pool. The Drainless Pool was pioneered by Dan Johnson of Drainlesspools.com, who recognized a need for a safer pool. After realizing that the circulation of the water, not the suction, is what keeps your pool water clean, Dan engineered a safer swimming pool option for families.

The basic premise of the Drainless Pool is centered around the proven success of using circulation not suction, to keep your pool water clean. Without a main drain, the Drainless Pool eliminates 100% of the suction hazard associated with main drains, and reduces the risk of entrapment. There have been upgrades to the main drains, however, they are never completely safe. If the pool cover becomes cracked, broken or played with, the entrapment danger is still there.

When the Owner/CEO of Oasis Pools, heard of this new technology, he flew down to Florida to learn from the pioneer himself. After observing several Drainless Pool circulation systems in the construction phase, he came back and introduced the Drainless Pool to the greater Austin area. Our in-house construction teams now design and install this system for families in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and other Central Texas suburbs. Drainless Pools began as an additional offering to the main drain pools we built, but is now the pool of choice for over 90% of the homeowners that we build pools for. Austin homeowners are looking for a safer, most energy-efficient pool for their new backyard living environment, and Oasis Pools can deliver.

The Drainless Pool is not only safer than a traditional swimming pool design, but also requires less maintenance. By continuously circulating the water throughout the pool, your water naturally stays cleaner. Drainless Pools use skimmers to remove the dirt, oils and debris from the pool instead of the main drain, which normally does not effectively remove these things. Oasis Pools uses today’s technology to combine energy-efficient equipment from Hayward Pool products and their proven methods to save you over 80% off your yearly energy bill. 

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